Cooking oil

Olivia cooking oil has a mild taste and contains an antifoaming agent, which means that when deep-frying or frying, the oil has less foam and spatter than ordinary rapeseed oil.

Suitable for frying and baking.
Recommended temperature for frying: up to 180 °C.

Packing: 1 l, 5 l

refined rapeseed oil  
antifoam agent E 900  
100 ml of oil contains  
3 404 kJ / 828 kcal energy  
fat of which 92 g
saturated fatty acids   6 g
monounsaturated fatty acids 58 g
polyunsaturated fatty acids 28 g
Omega-3 fatty acids   8 g
Omega-6 fatty acids 19 g
Vitamin E (150% reference intakes)  18 mg

Kept in a sealed bottle away from sunlight in a cool place, the oil will remain fresh until the best before data marked on the bottle.