Rapeseed oil – helper to grilling enthusiasts when it comes to making marinades and also grilling

Summer is almost here again. This can mean only one thing – it’s time to get the grill out of the shed! Rapeseed oil – a faithful companion to everyone – provides a masterful nuance to home-made taste experiences, which you can use to easily add a delicious marinade to meat.

Olivia rapeseed oil is a simple but great grill component, one that can be found in nearly every household. As rapeseed oil is mainly refined, it is able to easily withstand high temperatures. Unlike cold-pressed oils, rapeseed oil does not become toxic at high temperatures and does not easily emit smoke. Thus, there is no unpleasant bitter aftertaste attached to the food.

This is also an important aspect when lighting a grill. Ignition oils with natural components should be selected for ignition. The taste of conventional lighter fluids may dominate the taste of the meat, with natural choices instead supporting the taste. To the delight of grill masters, Scanola Baltic’s product range includes a charcoal lighter oil based on domestic rapeseed oil. To promote ignition, it contains a small amount of primary alcohol, which burns quickly following ignition, and allows the pure rapeseed oil to continue burning.

The right marinade for meat is like icing on a cake. It ensures that the taste is juicy and prevents the meat from drying out too much. One of the most important criteria for home-cooked food is simplicity, because therein lies the beauty. Therefore, rapeseed oil is an appropriate ingredient for your marinade. ‘Olivia rapeseed oil for salad and baking’ is perfect for your marinade. However, in the case of dry marinades and grilling, it is recommended that ‘Olivia rapeseed oil for cooking and frying’ be used to prepare a dish that is juicy and delicious.

Rapeseed oil is also suitable for use in your pre-grilling preparations. By brushing the grilling grate and skewers with oil before grilling, the meat will not stick to them. Sticking is also prevented by the proper cleaning of ‘tools’ to remove residues and rust from the last time they were used.



Choose domestic foodstuffs and meat for grilling!

According to Greeg Jakobson, manager of the Estonian Meat House shop in Tallinn, customers are increasingly appreciating the origin, quality and new tastes of products. ‘Customers have become increasingly more aware and demanding, with the origin and quality of the animal being important. Fine-grained pieces of meat, such as picanha, Denver, chuck rib-eye, etc., are increasingly being requested for grilling. There is also a great deal of interest in ‘free-range’ chickens, which are juicier and richer in taste than their mass produced counterparts. When grilling, preference is also given to products and exciting flavours in the marinade, such as meat products in blackberry, cherry, mango, chilli and honey-mustard marinades’.